Traditional Spanish Buffet

 per person 165 AED

Spanish omelette
Omelette Based In Comfit Potato, Caramelized Onion And Egg.
Empanada Gallega
Baked Puff Pastry Stuffed With Ratatouille, Tuna, Olives, Tomato, Boiled Eggs
Board of Spanish cheeses
Display Of 5 Kind Of Cheeses With Quince Jelly, Nuts And “Picos” Bread.
Eggplant date syrup
Tempura Eggplant Drizzled With Date Syrup
Pinchicto morunos skewer
Chicken Skewer With Moorsih Marination
Prawn in Garlic Sauce
Peeled Prawns Cooked With Garlic, Chilli And Hot Spanish Paprika
Seafood Paella
Bomba Rice, Prawns, Squid, Mussels, Clams, Vegetables

Wine Pairing Menu

 per person 345 AED

Includes meal prepared live by Spanish chef, Spanish wine lesson by qualified sommelier, dinner service, use of Riedel glassware and use of hand-painted terracotta crockery. *T&C's apply
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Live Cooking Paella

Seafood Paella 95 AED
Bomba rice, Squid rings, shrimp, argentina prawn, mussel and vegetables
Black paella (S) 90 AED
Cooked With Cuttlefish And Shrimps, Seasoned With Squid Ink And Accompanied Of Aioli Sauce.
Black fideua 80 AED
The Less Famous But Same Tasty One, Accompanied With Alioli Sauce, Cooked The Vermicelli Pasta, Baby Squid, Shrimps And Ink Squid.
Lamb paella 85 AED
Tender Lamb Slow Cooked With Bomba Rice, Vegetables, Saffron And Spanish Smoke Paprika.
Chicken Paella 80 AED
Bomba rice, chicken, vegetables
Lobster Paella 170 AED
Bomba rice, squid rings, fresh lobster, shrimp and mussels
Mix Paella 85 AED
Bomba rice, chicken, squid rings, shrimp and mussels

Six Course Menu

per person 265 AED

Timbale vegetables and melted coat cheese
Roasted Vegetables with Piquillo pepper cream, goat's cheese baked and Modena reduction
Egg in cocotte
Mix wild mushroom with potato parmentier and baked free range egg.
Atlantic Salmon tartar
Fresh Salmon hand cut with Autumn vinaigrette and crackers.
Magret duck with red fruits sauce
Crispy duck breast with caramalized apple and red fruit sauce.
Australian grill sirloin ( meat can be upgraded)
Premium grilled meat with sautéed vegetables and gravy.
Chocolate creme brulee
Smooth chocolate cream topped with burnt sugar

Offer Of TheMonth

per person 170 AED

Atlantic Salmon Tartar
Hand chopped fresh salmon with autumn vinaigrette
Gambas Ajillo
Garlic prawns in chilli sauce
Warm Piquillo
Warm piquillo peppers with manchego cheese
Seafood Paella
Bomba rice, prawns, squid, mussels and vegetables
Crema catalana

Private Chef Menu

4 tapas from Al-Andalus + dessert 80 AED
2 tapas from Al-Andalus +2 Tapas from Gadir + dessert 90 AED
2 tapas from Gadir + 2 Tapas from Hispania + dessert 100 AED
4 tapas from Hispania + dessert 110 AED

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